Anderson Buchan Properties

In 2002, with a growing portfolio of property and tenants whose demands differed from those of construction clients, Kenny Anderson and Jim Buchan established Anderson Buchan Properties Ltd to develop, lease and manage property.

Using the same management philosophies as Anderson Construction, combined with our knowledge of the commercial property market, Anderson Buchan Properties is on track to manage and own property throughout Scotland.

The standard of our properties is of paramount importance with quality landscaping and clean lines viewed as an integral part of the vision for each development. This provides our tenants with the assurance that their premises will convey a welcoming and professional image at all times.

Each of our developments are creatively designed to suit modern client specifications and are sufficiently flexible to meet the clients changing requirements.

Given Anderson Buchan’s ownership of Anderson Construction, we have the unique ability to incorporate tenant’s needs into the design process.

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Combining the services offered by Anderson Buchan and Anderson Construction, we are able to source land and construct a building to a predetermined specification for lease.

“Anderson Construction offers an unbeatable quality of workmanship and a business approach which exudes integrity.”


Kathlyn Taylor
Founder and Principal, The Hamilton School

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